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Square Footage Calculator

Square Footage Calculator

How do I convert acres to sq ft?

The procedure for converting square inches to square feet or from acres to sq ft is the same as converting from square meters to square feet. In the following examples, you will find the most common of these conversions: how many square feet are in an acre.

  • 1 acre × 43 560 sq ft/acre = 43 560 sq ft
  • 30 sq in × 0.00694 sq ft/sqin = 0.208333 sq ft

Intuitively, this process can also be done in reverse. Therefore, we can not only find square footage when we know its value expressed in the other units but also find an area in any units from a given square footage.

How to use the square footage calculator

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how the calculator works and what is the square footage formula, it’s useful to know how to use the calculator, and what each of the components mean. With the “One room/area” option selected, the square footage calculator is composed of the following fields:

  1. Shape – Select the room/area shape from rectangle, square, circle, triangle, hexagon or octagon
  2. Measurements – Various measurements of the room, which change depending on the shape selected
  3. Quantity – Enter the number of rooms/areas that have the same shape and measurements
  4. Area – Combined square footage of all the spaces as input above
  5. Unit price – Price (in the local currency) per square foot
  6. Total cost – Combined monetary value of the spaces described above

To use the calculator is as simple as setting the known values and letting the system calculate the rest. This means that you can use this calculator to compute the price per square foot of a property if you know the total price and total square footage.

If you select the option “Multiple rooms/areas” at the top of the calculate, you can enter the measurements for up to ten rooms or areas and get a grand total at the bottom of the calculator of the square footage. For complex room layouts, divide up the room into simple shapes, such as rectangles, squares, etc., and enter each one as a separate room/area. If you’ve entered a unit price, you’ll also get the total cost.

How to calculate areas and what is the square footage formula?

Technically, it is not correct to talk about the square footage formula; we should rather talk about area formula. However, as long as we understand that a square footage formula is just another way to say that we will take an area formula and apply it using square feet, I think we can all agree the precise technical term doesn’t matter much here.

The square footage formula is different depending on the shape of the object we want to calculate the area for. The simplest and most common case is the square, or, more generally, the rectangle. For these polygons, the formula is as simple as taking the length of two adjacent sides in feet and multiplying them together. Since we are working with a rectangle, we know that taking two next sides is the same as taking the height and the width of it. If we name these two sides A and B, the other two necessarily must have the same dimensions as A and B, respectively.

calculate square footage
  • square_footage = length_A * length_B

This might sound like a simple mathematical formula, but it is precisely how to measure the square footage of a rectangular room in real life. We just need to measure two consecutive sides in feet and multiply the values together.

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